Dear Five…


Dear Five,

I don’t belive that I gave you permission to come and steal my baby away.  I had no part in your coming into our lives; we were perfectly happy with our toddler.  Now when I look at him I see a tall, skinned knee, wide grinned BOY and that was not part of the agreement.  I keep telling C. that he is not allowed to grow anymore, and he laughs at me and tells me that he’s “too big” for me to say “I love you” when I drop him off at the sitters in the morning.  This boy that I carried around for eight months, who made me puke up everything that I had ever eaten since I was born, who gave me heartburn so bad that I could breathe fire, who decided he didn’t want to wait to enter the world so he came early.  This tiny baby that my husband and I used to stare at for hours, amazed at the perfect swirl of hair at the back of his neck and the perfect smell of his flawless skin.  This little boy who charmed everyone with his humor, his smile, who laughed hysterically when we did dance parties in the kitchen, who loved music and anything that required him to MOVE.  This person who is growing up into such a boy, such a boy that made us parents and made me a mommy.  I’m so proud of who he is becoming, grateful that he has taken us on the ride of our lives.  He loves unconditionally, has a heart of gold, and will still lay on my lap while we watch cartoons.

So Five, I really don’t appreciate how you came barging in and tossed C.’s toddlerhood out the window.  No one asked you to.  Bring me my baby back!!

Happy Fifth Birthday to the most wonderful thing that ever happened to me.  You made me the person I am today, C., and I love you more every day.


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