Get Off My Lawn!


Last night A* and I sat down to watch the MTV Video Music Awards.  I have been watching this show for years, first with my high school friends, then with my college roommates, the past ten years with A*.  It’s a part of my culture, something that everyone could talk about the next day at school; who was wearing what, who said that, who won for what?  I watched the infamous Britney kiss, I saw Snoop Lion (back then he was just plain Dogg) in curly locks rapping about Murder being the case they gave him, I viewed thousands of Slim Shady look-a-likes pour into the theater.  Every year I look forward to the awards show as something different to watch, something that actually has to do with MUSIC on MTV.  And then we watched last night.

A* and I had absolutely no idea who anyone was.  Save Justin Timberlake and Lady Gaga, most of the younger performers and artists were strangers to us.  They would pan to a red carpet interview and one of us would say, “Who’s THAT?” and the other one would reply, “I…. have no idea.”  And it happened over and over!  I felt so old!  We are obviously too aged to enjoy the awards show anymore. 

I’m going to tell all those kids to get off my lawn.


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