The Wheels on the Bus….


Wherein I reveal my complete and utter dorkiness to you.

For a reference point, let me tell you that in the city I live in, public transportation is not common.  We have a perfectly nice city bus system that is actually clean and well maintained, but no one that I know has ever used it.  Well, our car broke down a couple of weeks ago and we can’t afford to just run out and buy another one, so I’ve been taking the bus.

I have been taking the bus.

I have never taken a bus in my life.  I looked up the local bus schedule online, and they had a cute little thing called a “trip advisor” that would tell me exactly where and at what time I needed to be somewhere.  Except it didn’t, because that motherfucking website was the most confusing thing that I have ever seen.  I couldn’t make any kind of sense to it; I showed it to a co-worker, and she couldn’t make sense of it either.  I was freaking out now.  But A*, bless him, was able to decipher the schedule once I got home and I knew what bus I needed to get on.  Okay, so I had my bus fare… but wait!  I got on the bus and there was a little machine thingy that takes your money.  I had two one dollar bills, and I pushed them into the machine.  The driver stared straight ahead.  I knew that the bus cost $1.25 each way, so I kind of hovered around up at the front of the bus waiting for my change.  It never came, and eventually the driver was kind enough to inform me that they didn’t give change.  Ok, seventy five cent lesson learned, check!  I found my seat on the bus and it zoomed off.  Actually, it kind of creaked and meandered down the street. 

According to the website, the bus was supposed to drop me off a street away from where I wanted to end up and then I was to walk to my destination.  However, the stop came and went and the bus just kept going!  I didn’t know what to do and kind of panicked.  I was frantically texting A* to see what the hell, but of course he never answers me when I really need him to so I was on my own.  The bus kept going, and I watched the city go by and wondered how in the hell I was going to get to where I needed to be.  Eventually the bus pulled into a station and everyone got off.  I HATE talking to strangers, but I forced myself to ask the bus driver where I was supposed to be.  He asked me why I hadn’t pulled the stop brake.  The whaaaa???  No one else pulled anything!  Guess what you guys?  When you get to your stop, you’re supposed to PULL THE CORD and miraculously, the bus will stop at that stop and let you off.  I was able to find a bus to take me right back where I had been in the beginning, but this time I pulled the cord.  And tripped going down the steps, but the kind bus driver didn’t laugh at me.  (at least not until I had exited the bus). 

It’s like a new adventure every day.  I am a PRO at pulling that cord.  I have made it to work on time every day, and I even ventured to the library over the weekend.  I have a newfound respect for the public transportation system.  I am growing as a person….

and I really want another fucking car.


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