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I’ve been weird about doors lately.  Yesterday I noticed that when I am holding the door open for someone, instead of stepping aside and letting them enter first like normal people, I instead stand with my back actually touching the door, causing the other people to have to sl-i-i-ide by me and when I did it yesterday my boob grazed another boob.  It made me feel uncomfortable and I didn’t know if I should say anything… “Hey, we just touched boobs, now we’re boob sisters!” 
I told myself to stand in a different position when opening the door, but then I did it AGAIN today, this time with a man, and my boob touched his extended arm.  I really have to pay closer attention to this.

Yesterday I was trying to tell my co-workers a funny story about the bus ie:  Look at me, I am not bitter at all about taking public transportation! and I was describing the kid who gets on at the same stop as me.  This kid is a cutie, but he has some of the skinniest legs I have ever seen.  So I was telling them about this kid, and going on and on about bird legs and I don’t even know how they support his weight and blah blah blah, and I looked up and another woman was standing there… in a skirt with bare legs, legs that just so happened to be extremely, extremely skinny.  Now I’m worried that she thinks I was gossiping about HER and her legs, and I totally wasn’t.  But I can’t say anything because I’m not for sure if she was even listening to our conversation and I don’t want to bring it up if she isn’t bothered.  It reminded me of the time when my friend’s friend told her to check out the lump on her leg, and my friend jokingly said, “I think it’s a tumor!” a’la Arnold, and then it turned out it WAS a tumor.  Life is so stupid sometimes.




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