C. has taken to getting up a LOT at night.  It’s not for anything specific; fix his blankets, need more water, had a scary dream, etc.  Used to be that A* and I would tag team, taking turns.  He’s always gotten up during the night, and my amateur psychology diagnosis is that he moved around so much for the first part of his life that he wakes up now to make sure everything is still the same.  Sometimes he just wants to make sure we’re there.  But anyway, for the last couple months he refuses me as a nighttime guest in his room and will only have Daddy.  I will stumble out of bed, most likely tripping on various things on the way to his room, then negotiate my way around the Matchbox cars strewn on his floor, only to be screamed at… “Not you! Not you, I want Daddy!”  Let me tell you just how well that goes over in the middle of the night (hint: it doesn’t) and it also irrationally hurts my feelings.  Why I feel inadequate based on a five year old and how his blankets are arranged is something else that I don’t understand, but it kind of does.  A* is, understandably, mad because he is getting up tons during the night and I’m not getting up at all, because the past couple nights I haven’t even bothered.  I can’t deal with the screaming and the rejection in the wee hours of the night.  Doesn’t C. remember all those nights when I was pregnant and he woke me up at 12:30 every night to throw up and then watch reruns of “That 70’s Show”?  I was taking care of him ALL NIGHT AND DAY and he was okay, so why can’t I do it now?  Of course, if he does get over this Daddy phase, I will probably complain about how he only wants ME and I don’t want to keep getting up at night.

I did NOT, however, have hurt feelings when he woke up at 3:37 and had wet the bed, therefore causing A* to have to strip the bed and the child and change both.  That one was all Daddy, and he is welcome to it.  I can fix covers but I think that um, Mommy is not the right person for the middle of the night wet bed scenerio.  Yeah, we’ll go with that.


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