Life=1…. Me=0


I’m almost positive I’m failing at life.  At my best, I feel like I’m about sixteen, at my worst, maybe four.  I don’t do or have the things that adults are suppose to have or do.  I don’t act the way that adults are supposed to act.  I still listen to the same music I listened to when I was a teenager, at the same ear breaking decibels and singing at the top of my lungs.  I eat like a stoned child, seriously.  Who still eats Spaghetti-O’s when they are 34? 

I never have spare toilet paper.  I never have spare anything.  I don’t have a savings account, hell, I don’t even have a credit card.  I don’t drive a nice car, I’ve never owned a car newer than ten years old.  I still am not sure I’m applying make-up in the correct way.  I watch “Teen Mom” religiously.  My perfect day involves sleeping until at least noon.  I don’t bake well.  I still like things pink and sparkly.  I’ve been known to have a dance party or forty in the kitchen.  I eat raw cookie dough.  If my car breaks down, I sure as hell don’t have a way to buy another one.  I didn’t realize that C.’s underwear was two sizes too small until he kept abandoning them in random places because they were uncomfortable.  C. has peanut butter and jelly more than I will ever publicly admit to.  I never have enough groceries in the pantry and am forever running out of milk.  I JUST NOW figured out what the big deal is about Twitter (follow me! @dj01103) but I still can’t figure out how to change my name thingie (handel?). 

Most of the time I feel like I’m flailing around, trying to figure shit out.  I’m a huge dork, and that looks like it will never change.  So yeah, total life fail.  I hope I’m not the only one.


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