Comment (ers)


If you have commented, please know that I am saying Thank you! but I have no idea how to work this blog thingie here, so I am unable to comment back to you because I am mentally dificient in the technology field. 

If anyone is willing to help me, let me know!!  I need to know all the ins and outs and how to do even the most basic stuff.  Oh, and while we’re at it if you have a computer that I can own to practice on, that would be great too! 

Keep commenting, I LOVE it! I love all of you!


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  1. Okay,here’s how to do it. you see that orange thing in the top right corner, your blog name will be next to it on the right. click on the orange thing.(it looks like a thought bubble, or a star, or a plus symbol) it changes depending on what’s waiting for you. It’s your notifications. You can reply to comments there, and if you find this we will be talking soon. By the way, I like your blog it’s pretty fun to read and you are good at writing your stories so that they are interesting and entertaining. 🙂 hope to be talking soon.

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