On the way to work this morning, we got a flat tire and I completely lost my shit.  Complete with yelling, tears, the works.  I think that all the stress is just coming out in all kinds of ways, now.  Adam and I screamed at each other by the side of the road while Cole was still in the car, and then he started crying because we scared him.  Quality parenting, right there.  I didn’t have my phone and was already late for work.  I started crying and then I couldn’t stop, long after the problem was solved.  Adam ran back to our house and got a pump for the tire and pumped it up on the side of the road, and I continued to sob.  We started back to work, still sobbing.  Adam talked with Cole about how sometimes grown-ups get frustrated and take it out on each other, but there is no need to be scared and no one was mad at him.  I had attractive streaks of mascara running down my cheeks and swollen eyes when I finally made it to work.  It was such a pleasant start to my day. 

As time goes on I find myself losing it more and more.  I can’t stop thinking about everything that’s coming up and the littlest things set me off.  Poor Adam has to deal with whatever he’s thinking AND his crazy wife.  By the way, Adam knows everything that I write on this blog and I have his permission before I publish anything to do with him.  He tells me everyday how proud of me he is, for doing what I love and maybe finally getting some readers! 

To sum it up, I am losing my shit over here and things are not okay, but my husband is proud of me and completely supportive, so there is that. 


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