Bits that Bug Me, Volume 1

  • I have already failed at NaBloPoMo, just like the majority of my life.  In my defense, I don’t have a computer at home, so have to rely on my work and the library for this stellar content you receive on your screen.  SO….
  • Not having a computer at home really bugs me.  Imagine what the blog could be if I had something at home!  I could have pictures, even!  So high tech!  Apple, Samsung, Google… where are you with my free tablet?  Donate to a poor blogger over here, c’mon!
  • Cole has discovered the wonderful world of Legos and I hate them.  He isn’t the most careful person in the world so every five seconds a piece will fall off of something and then he has a meltdown until someone puts it back on.  Not to mention that stepping on one of those things in your bare feet hurts like a mofo!  And I’m not good at putting things together; my brain just doesn’t work that way, so then we both end up frustrated with some Lego monstrosity that doesn’t even make sense.
  • The fact that someone in my office, right at this minute, is eating some kind of sea food and it smells like a dirty aquarium in here.  Blech.
  • My psychiatrist REFUSES to give me something to knock me out until after the trial is over.  I don’t think that’s asking too much… just a complete coma for a couple of weeks, and then wake me up when everything is solved.  IF my husband ends up in jail, she could extend the coma until he is done.  I don’t know why she won’t do this for me.

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