Yesterday was one of those can’t-wait-till-bedtime, lose-your-patience-too-often, yell-a-little days.  Cole just managed to get on every single nerve that I had, and then some.  He has become obsessed with the T.V. and the remote control, specifically.  He likes the fact that he knows how to work the remote, makes him feel big, I think, so he is forever asking for it and “checking the guide.”  He wants to know what time it is on the guide, or what’s coming up next on the guide.  Do you know what this tells me?  That he’s spending too much time watching T.V.  So the limits had to be drawn, battle lines in the sand.  Supervised T.V. time, with a certain number of hours or shows per day.  He resisted, obviously.  All day yesterday all I heard was “Is it time for T.V. yet, is it time for T.V. yet?”  He was like an addict, shaking without the feel of that remote burning in his palm.  I uped the ante… since he couldn’t seem to stop talking about it, the next time I heard about the T.V. or the remote, he would lose a chunk of time, every time.  He tested.  He coerced.  He whined.  He got all but a half hour of T.V. and/or fondling the remote time taken away.  But yesterday was rainy, and cold, and I wasn’t feeling that well with a cold, so this made for a loooooong day of no T.V.  And constant reminding about why we weren’t watching T.V. and I had to keep trying to come up with something that would keep him occupied and my throat hurt and then he was asking again, and …. and…. it was just one of those days.  Today has been better already, Cole got himself involved with a Lego project so he hasn’t even asked about T.V. time.  And of course I was feeling guilty about yelling yesterday, but we shared a bowl of popcorn and he told me he loved me, so I’m feeling okay about that too. 

Just don’t talk to me about the damn T.V. 


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