You’re My Obsession….


I’m inspired by an old post by Jonniker for this one… Obsessions, over my lifetime. 

PORCELAIN DOLLS– When I was a girl, I had a heavy love for all porcelain dolls.  And these were not dolls to play with, they were dolls to put on a shelf and admire.  Once I made my grandma drive me all the way to a city two hours away to visit a specialty store, to get a certain doll.  I spent my own money on these dolls, mind you.  I would save and save, all my money bunched up in my underwear drawer, and then finally have enough to make a purchase.  My grandma and I found all the doll places within the area and frequented them.  I would watch QVC avidly, because I loved the Marie Osmand doll collection.  (Dork! And I never got one)  At one point I had probably 10 or 12 of those dolls; they all got left behind in a move once, when Adam and I were packing and the landlord thought that we just left all of our stuff in the basement so took it upon himself to take EVERYTHING to the curb. 

THE MONKEES- As in, the band.  When I was in elementary school, Nickelodeon started showing reruns of the Monkee’s show, and I immediately fell head over heels for Davey Jones.  My dad copied his old records(!) onto cassette tapes (!) for me and I listened to them over and over.  Davey Jones was my first real crush, the first man to give me that feeling.  One day, my parent’s said that they were coming for a reunion tour and they were going to take me!  Instead of being excited, I was crushed…. I didn’t want to see OLD Monkee’s, I wanted to see them as they were on the show and on my posters.  I told my parents some lame excuse about how I didn’t “feel I was ready” for a concert (who says that?) and ran to my room, where I sobbed under my Monkee’s poster.  Davey Jones was never the same after I saw him on an episode of “Full House” and he was old and not cute anymore.

NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK- Like every other prepubescent girl in the late 80’s, I was totally infatuated with the New Kids.  Joe was my favorite, and I had every shirt, poster, button, pin, nightgown, even shoelaces printed with their logo.  I listened to the tapes over and over and over, recorded every T.V. appearance they made.  This was my first true concert, the Magic Summer Tour, with Color Me Badd as the openers.  My mom and her friend camped out in front of the ticket booth to score some tickets.  It was the greatest night of my life.  To this day, I have NKOTB songs on rotation on my music player.

TITANIC, THE MOVIE- I went completely insane over this movie.  I was hopelessly in love with Leonardo DiCaprio, and this movie just was so awesome and such a wonderful love story to me.  I dragged my boyfriend, friend’s, and mom to the movie and ended up seeing it in the theater a record 13 times.  13 times!  For a four hour movie!!  I was seriously dedicated.  I owned the soundtrack and of course purchased the DVD when it came out, so I could watch over and over to my heart’s content.  I could drool over Leo as much as I wanted.  My favorite question to ask my then boyfriend was “If we were in the water, would you let me up on the board or would you hog it to your self?”  He smartly always answered that he would give me the board, though sometimes he would argue that there was room for two on there.  There wasn’t!  Or Rose would have saved Jack!  She will never let go!

EMINEM- Oh God, how I loved me some Marshall Mathers.  I thought he was the hottest person I’d ever seen, and for this little white girl in Ohio his words seemed to just punch you right in the face.  I thought, and still think, that he has this way with words that no one else does, and I could listen to everything he ever wrote.  When he raps there is such power.  I put up every poster that I could find, and in college I even had pictures in my bathroom, which my ever-so-helpful roommates put word bubbles on proclaiming, “I love Devon so much!” and “Those are the biggest goddamned tits I’ve ever seen!” (an inside joke that some boy ACTUALLY SAID TO ME during a make out session, and we thought it was the funniest thing we’d ever heard.)  In 2002, I got to go to the concert and it  He was incredible.  I am still a huge fan, though the posters are a thing of the past since I’m a grown up.  *Sucks.*

BOOKS- This is also an obsession that continues to this day.  I have always loved books, the feel of them, the smell when you crack the spine.  My dad took me to the library faithfully every Saturday and we would check out a stack of books, which I would methodically go through one by one.  One of my earliest memories is of sitting in a patch of sunlight, turning the pages of the Penney’s catalogue.  I still read every chance I get, devouring everything that has the printed word on it.  I go to the library every two weeks and check out at least 7-9 books at a time, and again just plow through the pile.  I love how books can transport you anywhere in the world, and I can leave my life at anytime when I’m reading. 


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