Life continues to vomit on our heads.  I just wonder, will we ever get a break?  It seems like we put out one fire and another one engulfs us in flames.  Last night Adam picked me up from work and we were just pulling into the parking lot when the brake fell off the car.  Just fell off.  Luckily Adam was driving and not me, because I would have probably A.) panicked, and B.) not known what to do.  But he did (use the emergency break, you idiot!) so we were able to arrive safely.  However, we do not have the money to actually fix the brakes.  Do you notice a common theme here?  Adam was supposed to have a job interview this morning and I’m guessing that he didn’t get to go because how would he have gotten there?  I had to ride the bus this morning to work, and I have written previously about how much I love the bus.  There are outstanding bills to be paid, rent is due tomorrow, and there is just no money to pay ANYTHING.  We’ll figure it out, we always do, but I just— I just— sometimes I want to dig a hole and crawl into it for a really long time.  Preferably a hole with reality T.V. pumped into it.

Adam is depressed and I hate it when he’s depressed too; that’s supposed to be MY thing.  I count on him to cheer me up no matter what, which is unfair and I know it but that’s what we do.  I cry, he makes me laugh.  When he’s upset the whole world is off its axis; the balance in our marriage is screwed up.  Like I said, I’m not asking for much, just a little tiny break.  Maybe some good news for once.  Is that too much to ask? 


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