Fairy Tale


Once upon a time a boy and a girl meet. They kiss, and the rest of the world fades away for a while. They build a house of laughter and tears, memories and a little boy. A ring on her finger and the baby in his crystal cradle. One day the boy disappears, and a stranger is in his place. The girl kisses the tears from his face but they taste of lies. The house of glass cracks and shatters into a puddle of regret.
There are signs of him; here is the echo of his laugh, there is his secret dimple. She is careful to step over the pieces of his heart. The nights are cold and frozen, the days long and strange. 
They finally find him, naked and alone. Hopeless words fall from his lips and she catches them in outstretched hands, lets them go. Time swirls at their feet. She reaches for him and he tries on a smile. They touch and the world stands still.


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