We’ve been sleeping on an air mattress temporarily, because our bed got wet in the big move.  Somehow, I feel that this air mattress is similar to my life; when I go to bed it’s fine, but somewhere along the way it deflates, and I end up in the morning with my ass touching the floor and rubber surrounding me on all sides.  This is definitely a good comparison to my life right now; I start off the day thinking that things will be okay, and then by the end of the day my ass is touching the floor.  Just minor setbacks, but I just think that the air mattress analogy is a good one.  But…. I’m getting a new mattress today!  It should be delivered sometime while I’m at work and tonight I will be sleeping in a bed just like a normal person!  Imagine!

Adam had to go see his probation officer yesterday; every time he has to go I get a bad feeling in my gut, always afraid that they will somehow take him away from me.  Everything went fine, though.  The officer told him that he has spoken to his work and they had only good things to say about him, and that he was following the program just the way he’s supposed to.  I was so happy.  I know how hard he’s trying, and it’s nice to have someone else validate that as well.  The probation officer seems to think he’ll be on probation for about two years and as long as he stays out of trouble (which he WILL) we’ll finally be done on this long, long road.


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