Sometimes I just want to drive, crank the music up & go off into the sunset, find a hotel somewhere and spread out on the bed, sleep for 12 hours, watch sappy movies.
Today I got 6 inches cut off my hair and now I can’t stop swinging my head around. I felt guilty about spending money on myself, and then went ahead and got my brows waxed too. The lady that did it smelled like cotton candy, and we talked about our sons.
Got a couple Christmas presents for the boy; it’s never enough. Is saving for a place or believing in Santa more important? He needs to have a little magic in his life, he’s had to grow up too fast.
They play Lego’s together on the floor; he is so patient and explains every part. He is so precise, even with these blocks for him. It hurts like hell when a Lego catches you barefoot. The boy watches his dad, admiration. He is his whole world.


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