On Writing


Ever since I could put pen to paper and make some kind of words, I’ve been a writer.  When I was very young, I would use crayons and illustrate my great masterpieces (which I’m sure my mom still has, because she keeps EVERYTHING).  As I got a little older, I graduated to a typewriter.  Yes, I realize that statement ages me, but we had a Brother typewriter and I thought it was the most high tech thing imaginable.  I was thrilled that my dad said I could use it whenever I liked.  I cranked out story after story, papers filled with my imperfect typing.  I wrote about anything and everything that came to mind.

In the third grade, I had one of those life changing teachers.  She was the first person to ever tell me that my writing was good, that I should keep it up.  She used to give me extra assignments that involved stories, and she was always willing to read anything that I wrote.  She put the fire in me, and I continued to bang on that typewriter.

Power of the Pen was a creative writing group offered at my junior high school (sidenote: I heard they don’t call it junior high anymore?  Again, dating myself).  I joined the team and went to competitions with other local schools.  There was a Sectional, Regional, and State competition that we could qualify for.  Both of the years I was in Power of the Pen I made it to the State competition.  The teacher that ran the group always said that I had to dedicate my first novel to her. 

In college I took a creative writing class and was lucky enough to have yet another one of those life changing teachers.  Alice was funky and passionate about writing, and she encouraged me with every story that I wrote. 

My blog has become my outlet for writing.  I think I will always write, in some form or another, be it here or in my own personal, HANDWRITTEN (old again) journal. 


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