Today has quite possibly been the longest day of my life.  I am waiting for something *EXCITING* to happen and it happens tomorrow and I’m worse than a kid on Christmas Eve.  I feel like I’m going on vacation, starting school, and having Christmas all at the same time, and my stomach is cramping in protest to all the excitement.  I will never be able to sleep tonight, which should mean that I have all night to clean the house, but really means I will be up watching bad T.V. and eating my weight in ice cream while I watch the clock numbers s-l-o-w-l-y change.

Cole and I have been counting down the days to this *EXCITING* thing, and he was thrilled to wake me up at 5:30 a.m. and tell me that “TODAY MEANS ZERO DAYS LEFT, MOMMY!” in a non appropriate early morning loud voice.  He then got dressed himself, which we’ve been working on… it’s not that he can’t dress himself, it’s that he would much rather drape himself over the couch and whine about the light hurting his eyes than actually put his clothes on.  But this morning was a nice change, even if he did insist on carrying that loudness all the way up to the time that I dropped him off before work. 

So I’ll just keep wishing this day away and hope that nothing happens to spoil anything tommorow.  Wish me luck!


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