I have told Cole over and over that he is to STOP growing up, and he continues to defy me. The other night he was eating a bagel and started complaining that his tooth hurt.
“Open up,” I told him, and peered into his mouth. Sure enough, there was a very loose baby tooth in there and behind it, already almost taller than the other tooth, was a huge grown up tooth. It looked out of place in my baby’s mouth.
He immediately started sobbing.
“No, no!” I told him. “This is good news, buddy, it means you’re growing up. AND the tooth fairy will come and leave you money once you lose that tooth and put it under your pillow.”
I attempted to wiggle the tooth and Cole freaked out even more. He screamed at me not to touch it, don’t touch it! So that tooth may be in his mouth forever, who knows. He certainly won’t let Adam or me touch it.
You guys, I’m not READY for him to have real teeth! I look at those tiny baby teeth and think about the excitement (and fever) that came when they first poked through his gums. I think of my sweet little baby and it just makes me a little sad. Of course I’m excited for all the new phases to come, but this was just like a little nudge to remind me that it’s going by so fast.
That night at bedtime I held him for an extra long minute. I told him how much I love him and how big he is getting, and how proud I am for the boy he’s turning into. He hugged me back and told me not to touch his tooth. Ever.
Maybe I don’t need to be sad, because it may be that he will have that tooth for the rest of time.


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