My husband had been out of work for a while, and he was getting really discouraged. I can’t tell you how many resumes we sent out and no one was calling back. But finally, through a temp service, he found a job. He is so happy and keeps telling me how much better he feels, now that he’s contributing.
After I pick Cole up and everyone is home, I make sure Cole has a drink and he watches cartoons for a while, and I have one of my favorite things with my husband. No, not that! We meet in the kitchen and talk about our days. It’s not much, just five or ten minutes before we have to go and do something else, or Cole needs dinner, or whatever, but those spare minutes we spend reconnecting are some of the highlights of my day. We used to do this in our old house and I had missed it, and yesterday my husband said, “It’s so nice to be talking about our days again!” Seems so simple, but it gives us a chance to wind down after work. If one of us had something happen, be it good or bad, we share it with each other. We may go over schedules, what we’re doing in the next couple days, etc. What’s important is the talking. As the light dims a little and the kitchen becomes shadowy, my husband and I find each other again, every evening.
It is very nice, indeed.


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