A blog is kind of like slipping your skin off and then standing, naked, while everyone judges you. Of course, as the writer I get to choose how much or how little I tell the world. I’ve always tended to tell TOO much to people outside of the computer, and that’s what I brought to the blog as well.
This last year, year and a half, has been hell on my family. And at first, I was blithely writing exactly what was happening, because no one read it anyway. But then someone did, and they left extremely mean comments. In a fit of humiliation and depression, I deleted all the posts that were incriminating, that I felt were more personal and I shouldn’t share. But that meant that everything that was going on in my life was forbidden territory.
So where do you draw the line? Where do I draw the line? I want to be as honest as I can, because isn’t that what blogging is all about? But I feel like I need to protect both myself and my family. It’s a double edged sword. Some bloggers do this so eloquently, so expertly weaving their lives into something that everyone can relate to. I want to be one of those bloggers, but it scares me. My feelings are easily hurt.
Let me know what you think. When is it too much?


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