Yesterday we had parent/teacher conferences at Cole’s school. The teacher told me how smart he is, how he is reading off the charts… but the talking! she said, the incessant talking is going to kill me! I laughed; the boy comes by it honestly. My husband has quite possibly never shut up the entire thirteen years we have been together; the man even talks in his sleep. I am also not known for my quietness; I set the record in junior high school for the most detentions, every one given to me because I was, you guessed it, talking in class. So I tried to be serious as I told Cole that he will have to work on his talking when he’s not supposed to, but in my heart I know that he doesn’t stand a chance.

Yes, I took a little time off from the blog, and I hate when people have this long convaluted explanation as to why they were missing… just know that it was a much needed break and that I am thrilled to be back. Lots more to come, I promise!


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