Movie Memories


When I was a kid I was allowed to rent one movie a weekend, invariably I would pick between the same two…”Hello Again” and “Hairspray”. My best friend Brandi would come over and we were allowed to sleep on the pull-out couch bed. I remember staying at her house, too. She lived with her dad and we could do whatever we wanted. I watched my first R rated movie there, saw SNL for the first time. There, we slept in the basement on velour couches. Once I woke on my couch with a start…I had peed! I panicked. I absolutely COULDN’T tell anyone, too humiliating. So I turned that cushion over and never told a soul.

“Hairspray” is on right now, and I can taste my dad’s popcorn.   Feeling nostalgic. “Free Tracey Turnblad!”


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