I have a serious problem with laziness, in that I AM. I would prefer to spend all my days in bed, preferably with some kind of awesome reality show marathon on the T.V. That or a really good book. Every activity that I enjoy involves sitting…reading, watching T.V., blogging, writing, etc. I think of projects and RUSH into them, so excited and so pumped to be getting something started when I lose the momentum and the project never gets done. Why can’t I have a job that requires me to stay in bed at all times?

Cole is experiencing some growing pains. He has been grouchy lately, doing things that he knows he’s not supposed to do and then whining when he gets in trouble. He got all bent out of shape the other day about something silly. Upon further questioning, it came out that he was missing our old neighbor. Cole was in LOVE with their little girl; an older woman that he was sure he was to spend the rest of his life with. Unfortunately, his parents thought otherwise and had the nerve to move her out of there. She has been gone since October, but Cole (*pitiful, make me cry!*) tells me that he still dreams of her and wishes he could introduce her to his Nanny. How sweet is that! He also said that he only wants to go to Nanny’s house and wants to live there because she has Wi-Fi. Sigh.

The card still resides in the drawer. I used the excuse that I didn’t have a stamp but that doesn’t fly when it has been two weeks and stamps are under a dollar. I’m just not brave enough… yet. I’ll get there.


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  1. sorry I haven’t posted! been trying to set up my own blog and getting consumed & frustrated. Do you not have Wi-Fi? How do you post on your blog if you don’t? Don’t mean to be so nosy 🙂 it’s just my nature. How old is Cole now? He sounds just darling! Oh, young love, so sweet.

    • I don’t have Wi-Fi at home, unfortunately. I usually do my posting at work, at the library, or I have a thing on my phone that makes it so I can use that and post on my tablet. Makes it a little bit harder but my satellite company said we have too many trees so can’t hook up Wi-Fi at my house!
      Cole is six now. I know, he is the sweetest thing ever!! I think I’ll keep him. : )

  2. I guess I’d be out there with an axe and chop those suckers down! Sounds like you’ve figured a way around it that works for you. Poor Cole, he needs to find a new love – so cute that she was an “older woman” you’d better watch that little man! So wish I had a little Cole (((sigh)))

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