How does one go about finding friends when one is an adult? As a child and teenager, I just made friends at school. Plus, I had my Julie, who was my very best friend. We were inseperable. I had my swim team friends, my choir friends, my school friends, and Julie. But now that I’m an adult, I’m just not sure where I go to find someone. If I’m not at work I’m at home with my family. Work friends- eh, I already spend more time with them then I do my own family. Cole isn’t at the place yet where he really has other kids that he hangs out with, letting me link myself onto their moms. I have lost touch with most high school friends. Julie is a post for another time, and I think I’ve already written one or two of those anyway.

I need a friend that wants to text constantly, who watches the same dumb reality TV shows as me, who loves Cole like their own child, who doesn’t mind Saturday nights spent in our pajamas. I need someone who understands my sometime agoraphobia and need for naps. If they like to gorge on queso dip and raw cookie dough, so much the better. But I don’t know where to find them! If you or anyone you know fits this discription, please contact me right away. I’ll have the TV ready for you!


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