I Drank 4 Margaritas


First drunken post but not really even that drunk, just had four margaritas but also are a shit ton of nachos so figure that evens out somehow. Went out with girls from work + one girl’s cousin. Played “I Never” like I was in college. Came home & suddenly was fighting with Adam but I honestly couldn’t tell you why. I hate fight


. Should I post this rambling? Guess I can’t handle my alcohol like I used to, being an old married mom and all. I’m still mad at Adam. Friends reruns on the T.V and I’m seriously considering eating the other quesadilla in the refrigerator. I’m lonely and my feelings are vaguely hurt and I’ve just about decided on the quesadilla. Cole will be up early, I should try and go to bed soon. My drunk posts are not fun, they seem to be maudlin and depressing. I shouldn’t drink….


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