Top Five Reasons I’m Not Really an Adult


1. I never have enough toilet paper. Sometimes you have to use tissues, sometimes even paper towels (ouch!) But I just can’t seem to remember to buy it consistently.
2. I listen to the music LOUD in the car, and sing along….I have even been known to throw in some hand motions. Much to the complete embarrassment of my son.
3. My wardrobe is pajamas. Seriously, if I’m at home, and I usually am, it’s pajamas.
4. Sometimes I watch Disney movies by myself. I try and coax Cole into watching them with me so it won’t be as weird, but he loses interest as soon as any kind of singing starts.
5. Cabbage patch doll from when I was three…yeah, she’s in my (marital) bed right now. Even though the dog ate off part of her face and now she looks more horror movie than childhood memory.


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