He shyly looked at me with those big brown eyes, grinned that gap tooth grin, and whispered, “Want me to tell you a secret?”
He moved in closer, breath hot on my ear. “T (his best school friend) has a girlfriend.”
He sits back, gauging my reaction. I simply nod, a noncommittal “mmmhmm”. This isn’t it.
He leaned in again, and these words are said in a rush, one hurried stream.
“You do? You have a crush on Kaydence?” This is a name we’ve heard before, on the fringes of his constant chatter.
He nodded, not looking at me.
“Well that’s good, buddy. That happens to everyone. Just be nice to her and be friends.”
“Yeah,” he said, slipping under my arm, leaning into me. “Mom?”
“Did YOU ever have a crush?”
“Of course. I had lots of crushes in school. And my last crush was Dad.”
“Okay.” He is done now, secrets spilled. He is ready to move on. He skipped out of the room, and I called to him, ” Thanks for trusting me with your secret! I promise I won’t tell anyone.”
“I’m going to tell Dad,” he tossed over his shoulder, and went off to find him.
I hope he always trusts us with his secrets, though I know this is probably unrealistic. For now, I will be thankful that he does.


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