Monthly Archives: July 2015

New Job for the Old One


So I went and got myself a second job. I have mixed feelings about this… on the one hand, we could really use the extra money, but I am also conflicted about spending even more time away from Cole and there are just other issues that I’m struggling with. But whatever, I got the job. It is at a little local place here in my town, and I actually worked at a different branch back when I was in college. It was my first serving job (and will hopefully be my last!)

Last night was my first night of training. Eventually I will be a server but first I have to work at the hostess desk and the kitchen to learn the table numbers and menu items. Said menu items have not changed in the slightest since I worked there fifteen years ago, but whatever. So I dressed in my oh so attractive khaki pants and green collared polo shirt, nametag secure.

My trainers had obviously just come out of the womb. They were both seventeen, a fresh faced boy with braces and a tiny girl with a braid in her hair. Very nice, but so, so young. I felt like I was from the Middle Ages next to them. The boy asked me when I had worked there before, and when I said the year he burst into laughter and said, “I wasn’t even born yet!” Way to make me feel better, little boy. Like I said, sweet kids, but that’s what they were, kids.

I will survive the children, certainly, and hopefully make some good money on the side. I still have my other job as well, and am working as a server on my off days. I’ll serve the pants off those kids!!



You guys, I accidentally adopted a dog.

Here’s what happened…we had gone for a drive and came across a place with a cheerful sign out front, asking us if we wanted to come in and play with the dogs. Of course we wanted to come in and play with the dogs! So we stopped and entered. The smell is the first thing that hit me, a combination of pee and fear and wet dog. It was deafening in there, dogs barking hysterically at different pitches. There were cages slung halfheartedly anywhere on the concrete floor, and some of the dogs were so oversized in their cages that their heads brushed the top.

Crouched in a cage, wearing a red collar and a look of terror on her face, was this dog. Half bulldog, half pug, her tounge slipped out a little, and she had an underbite that would make any dentist cringe. I was immediately drawn to her. A worker approached us and asked if we would like to take “Honey” out to the yard to play. The yard, which consisted of a strip of dirt and a few blades of grass. I held “Honey” in my arms and she very tentatively stuck that tounge out and licked me, softly. I didn’t even have to say words, I just looked at Adam and he knew that I was saying that I couldn’t leave her here, in this place… I had to take “Honey” home.

Of course when we drove off a half hour later “Honey” was in the backseat. I immediately changed her name to Denise, because that’s what she looked like to me. (Cole voted for Rita, but I vetoed him.) Denise laid her head on my lap for the entire ride home, shedding merrily and depositing bits of hair all over our pants. I was hooked.

And then we found out she was much older than we were told, and no one had ever trained her. She pees wherever she feels the need, including our bed (twice). I don’t think she can see that well, because she constantly falls off things or runs into walls. She is scared of everything, cowers when someone besides me tries to pet her. When we first brought her home she wouldn’t interact with Adam or Cole at all, but she’s getting used to them now. When she hears the car her little stub tail wags with all her might. She snuggles up to me on the couch and sleeps with the tip of her tounge sticking out of her mouth.

So my house is rug-less until she gets this housebreaking thing under control, all the doors are closed, and I am eaten up by mosquitos by spending inordinate amounts of time in the yard coaxing her to pee, please just pee! She is a lot more than we bargained for, and believe me when I say that a dog is probably the last thing we need right now, but I just had to take her home. I couldn’t leave her. So Denise is officially the newest member of our family.

Welcome Denise. We love you, pee and all.