Monthly Archives: February 2016

2nd chances


Every so often, life throws you a bone and something so exciting and miraculous happens that it takes your breath away.

This past weekend, I reconnected with my very best friend. We haven’t spoken in at least ten years, but when we were together it was the greatest relationship that I’ve ever had. We were inseperable; she was like an extension of myself. I know that I’ve written of her before; she is my entire high school career, all my memories wrapped up into this amazing person. She always understood me and took care of me.

Unfortunately, I was not as good a friend as she was and it ultimately caused me to lose her. I was going through things, she was going through things, and I wasn’t there for her the way that I should have been. It is quite possibly the greatest regret of my life, letting her go like I did.

But through the power of technology (FB) she sent me a friend request and messaged me and we immediately started talking. I told her that I would love a chance to apologize in person for the shitty friend that I had been, and she agreed to meet me for lunch. I was SO nervous, but as soon as she sat down (and my hands stopped shaking) we just started talking and two and a half hours later I was finally able to tell her in person exactly how sorry I was about how I acted.

I’m hoping that this is a shiny new beginning; cautiously optimistic. I would love to have her a part of my life again, no matter how that can happen.

I guess sometimes we really do get a second chance, and I plan on using mine to the fullest.



There is always that question of how much is too much. How much should you really share on your blog, how many layers of skin do you want to peel away and let the world see? I’ve been burned before, but writing has always been my outlet and I feel like others could possibly relate. I could use the support, but not the negativity. But you can’t have one without the other, when you’re putting it all out there.

Life imploded for me about six months ago and I am in a completely different place and mindset than I was. I would like to get back into writing and the community that blogging brings me, but I’m scared. I’m scared of being honest when for so long I living in a world of deceit and half truths; through no fault of my own, but I spent a lot of time covering, making sure that everyone thought that everything was okay when it so much wasn’t.

I’m hoping that I can have the courage to share.