Random Bits


I’ve never made money from my blog. I’ve never been given a free trip, never been on TV. Hell, I’m excited when my stats go above 30. I don’t write for any of those things. I write for myself, and if someone out there can relate, all the better.

I struggle with the amount of honesty I want to have. Sometimes I’m like Fuck it and want to vomit up all my problems across the screen, and other times I get paranoid and scared of being judged. Yes, I’m human and things…words…can hurt me. Opening myself, raw and vulnerable for all to see, takes a lot of courage. Sometimes I’m brave, sometimes I’m not.

Tomorrow is my last day of Group. After that, it’s back to the real world. Being in this program has been like being in a safe little bubble, and it’s about to be popped. I’m so nervous about going back to work…I’m afraid people will KNOW somehow, that I took a little break for some crazy.

So I keep writing, and living, and plugging away. Glad you’re along for the ride.


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