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I fear change, and avoid it at all costs. I am a creature of habit and I like to do the same things, the same way. Every morning at work I go to the cafeteria at the same time and fill up my water. This sameness comforts me.

That being said, I am about to take a flying leap out of my comfort zone. I have been at my current job for over six years now, and today I handed in my two weeks notice. I got a new job! I will be in more of a supervisory role, and hopefully will be able to fill my days. Right now, I’m bored at my current job. I know my job and I do it well, but that leaves a lot of time during the day when I have nothing to do. This makes the day go by soooooo slooooowly….

Anyway, I am really excited to be taking this new step. And scared out of my mind. This will be a huge change, and I won’t even know where the bathroom is!


Memories of the Movie Theater


“Titanic” is on T.V. When the movie first came out I was a senior in high school, fresh faced swim team member whose mom was her best friend. I saw “Titanic” a record 14 times in the theater. The grown up me is now trying to calculate just how much I spent seeing a movie 14 times. And keep in mind this movie is 4 hours long; at seventeen I had the leisure time to waste whole afternoons. I was dating a wonderful fellow swim team-er at the time, and I drug him to watch at least half of those 14 times, while the rest of the time I forced my best friend┬áto go with me. I loved everything, from the actors to the costumes to the music (I had the soundtrack). And the love story! I believed with my whole heart that I would be part of a love story like that some day. One of my favorite questions to ask my boyfriend was if he would have given up his piece of wood so that I wouldn’t freeze to death. I wanted him to say he would, but as I recall the practical boy always said that there was obviously room for two if they would have just tried a little harder. Not the romantic answer I hoped for.

Life was so simple when I was watching “Titanic” in the theater. I wish I could go back and enjoy it just a little bit more, because now I know how fleeting that time actually is. Now I sit, twenty (twenty????) years later, fondly remembering those long afternoons. Large fruit punch by my side, we had probably eaten at the Ground Round beforehand and I was content and comfortable with my people by my side, fully committed to the magic of the big screen. I love this movie.