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Love is in the Air


He tells me that her favorite flowers are violets, and gets mad when I gently let him know that violets aren’t in season right now. We compromise with a bouquet of daisies and carnations, in pink and purple, which are her favorite colors. In the morning he panics; he doesn’t want everyone to know that he’s bringing her flowers! We find a bag to put it in, and he carefully gathers his Valentines and bag and we head off to school. My heart breaks a little as I watch him walk in the building, hunched over by the weight of all that he’s carrying. He can’t be bringing a girl flowers! He’s mah bay-bee!!

After school he is all smiles.
“Well, I think she liked them a lot!” he says, and shows me the homemade card that she gave him. It says “Happy Valentine’s Day Sweetheart” on it, and she signed it with her first name and his last name. She drew flowers and a shining sun. He has me hang up her card right by his bed. He is completely smitten.

All I can think of is that she better never break his heart, though I’m fully aware that she probably will. And there will be many more heartbreaks coming his way. If only I could wrap him up, keep him safe from any pain. I hope he is always as thoughtful as he is now, and though there will be many more girls that receive flowers from him, none will be as special as that pink and purple bunch he took to his first love.